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The OKINA TABLE LAMP is a shocking lighting installation that joins present day plan with customary Japanese craftsmanship. A rich and utilitarian light can add a dash of refinement to any room in your home.

Created by craftsmans in Japan. The Okina Table Light is produce using top notch materials, for example, washi paper, bamboo, and strong wood. The lampshade is produce using washi pape. Which is a customary Japanese paper that is know for its solidarity, sturdiness, and delightful surface. The paper is handmade and stuck onto a bamboo outline, making an exceptional. Rich lampshade that diffuses light in a warm and welcoming manner.



The foundation of the OKINA TABLE LAMP is produce using strong wood and comes in three distinct completions: normal, dark, and pecan. The regular completion is ideal for the individuals who love the normal magnificence of wood. The dark completion adds a hint of complexity and class to any room. The pecan finish is ideal for the people who need a warm and welcoming feel in their home.

The Okina Table Light includes a dimmer switch, permitting you to change the brilliance as you would prefer. You want a brilliant light to peruse by or a delicate, surrounding light for unwinding. The Okina Table Light has get you cover.

One of the most amazing things about the Okina Table Light is its flexibility. It tends to be utilize in different settings, from a work space to a room or lounge. The light’s spotless lines and straight forward plan make it an ideal counterpart for present day insides. Its conventional Japanese craftsmanship makes it an incredible expansion to additional customary homes.

The Okina Table Light is a wonderful and utilitarian lighting apparatus. That makes certain to upgrade the vibe of any room in your home. Its mix of present day plan and conventional Japanese craftsmanship make it a special. Immortal piece that you will appreciate for quite a long time into the future.