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False Ceiling

POP False Ceiling
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grid-ceiling ( 2x2 tile Ceiling )
PVC Ceiling Designs

Usually, a false ceiling is created to change the look of a regular ceiling. A false ceiling, as the name suggests, is a secondary ceiling that is used in modern architecture of residential and commercial properties.

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of using false ceilings.

Visual appeal

Sometimes, a false ceiling is used for the purpose of hiding uneven ceilings or unsightly wiring and piping that scars the otherwise elegant look of a room. While a false ceiling lies suspended below the original ceiling, there is enough space between the two ceilings – known as plenum space – which allows for the possibility of repairs and examination of broken wires.


As false ceilings are lower than the original ceiling, they improve air conditioning in the room and are known for regulating room temperature, keeping the room warmer during winter and more comfortable in the summer.

Better lighting

While a normal ceiling will not give you ample space for lights, false ceilings can provide you the opportunity to have eight to 10 lights or even more, which can be controlled manually depending on how much lighting is required. Also, you can decide on a more accurate placement of lights in the room. For instance, you can have lights right above bathroom vanities, cabinets, beds or study tables without worrying about power outlets or exposed wiring.


While they are pleasing to the eye, false ceilings are also sometimes used for the purpose of sound regulation. Speakers can also be attached to false ceilings in auditoriums and theatres, or if you are a true music enthusiast, even in your own bedroom!

Materials used

A wide array of choices are available when it comes to choosing the design for a false ceiling. Wood, leather, metal, glass and various other materials are commonly used.

Usually, it is the architect or contractor who recommends what design should be used, taking into consideration various features of the house. But they will also listen to your ideas before beginning construction, so you can have your say.

With architects, the great thing is that you can have your false ceilings custom made, and you can even see 3D mock-ups on a computer before you proceed with getting it built.

False ceilings are usually built using plaster of Paris, allowing for the creation of a number of designs. On the other hand, for offices and retail outlets, the overall look that is used is usually simple and sophisticated.

So if you are planning to build or renovate anytime soon, do update the checklist for your dream home and add false ceilings to the list so that you can fashion a well-designed and sophisticated look for your rooms!

False Ceilings are of many types like ….most popular is POP False Ceiling and other are Gypsum False Ceiing, PVC False Ceiling and 2×2 Tile Grid Ceiling etc.